An analogy for the effect of sin

The effect of unaddressed sin is like the effect of a gradual build-up of pressure being applied to a glass jar. Up to a certain point the jar will tolerate the pressure, and the effect of the force upon the jar will not be discernible to the eye. But once the limit of the jar’s strength / ability to resist the applied force has been reached, it will shatter. If man is the jar, sin is the force applying the pressure. We don’t always immediately perceive the effect our sins have upon us, but if they accumulate and remain unforgiven because we fail to repent of them, eventually we, like the jar, become broken.


Author: inspirationfromthewordblog

If the only thing ever said about me was that I desired to please God, and was able to do so, I would consider myself highly blessed. For any who are inclined to participate in the Open Study discussions posted, I would welcome all comments and will always try to respond. May God bless all who love Him.

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