Make America great again

The election year

always makes it clear

what it is we hold most dear.


In 2016, the plea of all men

— well, at least the Republican —

is to Make America Great Again!


Proceed then, O Nation,

engage every generation

— sans pause or hesitation —


to commence the debate:

How best to return to our previous state?

The days when our country truly was great!


In our present condition

Should hope lie with the politician?

Keep dreamin’ friends — yer wishin’!


Nay, let us no longer stumble and falter,

merely to halter

at that crumbling altar;


since from the past we can learn

that true blessings abound when for God we do yearn.

Instead, therefore, pray that all hearts to Him turn!






Author: inspirationfromthewordblog

If the only thing ever said about me was that I desired to please God, and was able to do so, I would consider myself highly blessed. For any who are inclined to participate in the Open Study discussions posted, I would welcome all comments and will always try to respond. May God bless all who love Him.

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