The Heavenly Butterfly

Tho’ the righteous shed it oft too soon,

Their mortal tent is just cocoon

Which in life they toil to spin

To emerge forever free from sin;

The silken faith from which it’s framed

Will reveal the glory at which they aimed.


Changed in the twinkling of an eye,

A Voice will call them to the sky

And from heaven the cry will ring —

“Where, O death, is now your sting?”


Soluble Bonds

I speak to you the language of my soul —

not from a piece, but the whole —

you will not hear it, you see your way —

so what is left for us to say?

Once, I gazed into your eyes

and saw a willing compromise …

that twinkling gleam, now turned stone,

crushes the heart and chills the bone.

Two became one, now becoming two —

Is this what you dreamed when you said, “I do?”


Cooing, cradled, cuddled cheer —

Heaven’s helpless, hallowed here!

Inarticulate innocents incubating independence

Like love’s lamented loss

Dotingly dandled.  Developing diamonds —

Rascals running, romping, raising ruckus!

Ebullient energy eventually evolving…effusing —

Naked nurslings now nascent nevermore.


My heart is filled with a noble theme;

from within mine eyes do gleam —

this day I am Supremely blessed.


Whatever life may throw my way,

it is with confidence that I say,

“This too shall pass; it is no test!”


For this I know and understand —

that my life rests within God’s hand —

and so I need not be distressed.



Stream of Consciousness

Imagine the thoughts of your mind

as a stream,

flowing ahead and trailing behind,

like a dream.


All those you pass by

must enter its wake —

say none remain dry,

just for argument’s sake.


Now waded through,

reflecting back from their shore,

would many or few

emerge changed by the chore?



Make America great again

The election year

always makes it clear

what it is we hold most dear.


In 2016, the plea of all men

— well, at least the Republican —

is to Make America Great Again!


Proceed then, O Nation,

engage every generation

— sans pause or hesitation —


to commence the debate:

How best to return to our previous state?

The days when our country truly was great!


In our present condition

Should hope lie with the politician?

Keep dreamin’ friends — yer wishin’!


Nay, let us no longer stumble and falter,

merely to halter

at that crumbling altar;


since from the past we can learn

that true blessings abound when for God we do yearn.

Instead, therefore, pray that all hearts to Him turn!