Insightful poetry in song

“And if you think that everything’s unfair
Would you care if you’re the last one standing there?”

From Good is goodby Sheryl Crow

Thanks, Sheryl, for the reminder that relationships are more important than always having things our way.

“If I die before I learn to speak,
Can money pay for all the days I lived awake
But half asleep?”

From Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In Hand, by Primitive Radio Gods

Time is a limited resource, and we can’t buy it back once it’s gone.  Don’t sleepwalk through life by hiding all that is good in your heart — learn to express it.

“I’ve gotta stop my mind
Working overtime
It’s driving me insane
It will not let me live
Always so negative
It’s become my enemy

Why would I think such things
Crazy thoughts have quick wings
Gaining momentum fast
One minute I am fine
The next I’ve lost my mind
To a fake fantasy

And none of these
Thoughts are real
So why is it that I feel
So cut up and so bad
I need to take control
Coz my mind is on a roll
And it isn’t listening to me

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who’s the dumbest of them all
Insecurities keep growing
Wasted energies are flowing
Anger, pain and sadness beckon
Panic sets in in a second
Be aware it’s just your mind
And you can stop it anytime

Ok so here we go
If it works I’ll let you know
One two three I say stop”

From Save Me, by Jem

I love the clever turn of phrase, “Crazy thoughts have quick wings.”  Brilliant!


3 thoughts on “Insightful poetry in song”

  1. The Hidden Streets of Babylon
    By Tim Shey

    With selfwork
    By traditions of men
    Stumble down the hidden streets of Babylon
    You are a puppet on a hellish string

    Many words are spoken
    Sterile speech into vacant air
    This is how the heathen pray
    The Lord wants your heart
    No faith, no life, no Jesus
    I am surrounded by white-washed walls

    Summa Theologica is for aesthetes
    Solus ecclesia echoes nothing
    Most Latin is Greek to me

    Rituals and liturgy
    Feed the pride
    Of the unsaved seminarian

    The Council of Whitby
    Ushered in the Dark Ages
    We have strayed
    From the Word of God
    And His inspired Scriptures

    Idolatry is a habit
    Worn by blind people
    Watch them
    Groping, crawling
    In a dark, overchurched ditch

    Living by sight
    And the wisdom of this world
    Is fashionable and insane
    Its compass points the maddening crowd
    To nowhere
    It paves a smooth, broad path
    To perdition

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